Night life

Night life in Sitges


Any reference to the incomparable nightlife of Sitges necessarily goes through one of the most famous streets in the world as far as marching is concerned: Calle del Pecado (only a few know it because of its true name, the Street of May Day). Full of restaurants, pubs and music bars, a tour of the Sitges march necessarily starts here: dine, have a drink and move the skeleton until well into the night passing every half hour of a pub next door, meeting people from all the world and enjoying a great festive atmosphere every night.

The party continues late at night in one of the many nightclubs in Sitges . From 3 in the morning the cocktail bars close their doors and customers go to the nightclubs that open their doors from about 1 in the evening. Among them you can choose Ricky's (a nightclub of the oldest in the city that is located downtown two steps from the street of Sin). For those who love stronger music, the best thing is to go to Sweet Pacha . Account, apart from its Main Room, with a dance floor by the sea where you can hear the hits of the 80s, dance to the rhythm of the softest soul and the sexiest R & B. As for its restaurant, it combines traditional Mediterranean cuisine with an extroverted international fusion under the guidance of chef Raúl Lüar .

The quieter ones can enjoy in Sitges also pubs with billiards, table football, darts , etc., where having a drink at night and enjoying with friends in quieter environments becomes the main attraction.

Sitges is also known internationally for being a world center of gay tourism . San Buenaventura street is the main meeting point of nightlife, but there are many pubs, bars or nightclubs for people of the environment, which allow you to have fun until the wee hours of the morning.

At sunrise, what better way to rest in one of the beaches of Sitges and prepare again for the next night ...

Dynamic and Sweet Pachá are other references in the nightlife of Sitges.