Gay Pride

Gay Pride in Sitges

The most gay-friendly place in the Mediterranean celebrates Gay Pride Sitges every year with an intense party-show that lasts for several days. Sitges has always been linked to LGBT groups in its proclamation that anyone should be proud of their sexual orientation, that diversity is a gift, and that the sexual identity can not be intentionally altered. That is why International Pride Day (Gay Pride Sitges) reaches its best in Sitges.

The flag with the colors of the rainbow becomes especially noticeable during these days in any point of the locality, and are celebrated multitude of ludic events like parties, parades, concerts, etc. However, the culmination of these holidays comes with the main parade celebrated on Saturday, in which practically the whole town participates (bars, clubs, shops, restaurants, etc.) and full of spectators the Paseo Marítimo. Each year the parade is different from previous years, with changes in the slogan and the route, but always maintains an incredible pace and atmosphere.

In recent years more than 60,000 people have come to Sitges during the days of Gay Pride Sitges (Gay Pride) because, regardless of the orientation of each, it is an experience worth seeing and experienced.

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