Cuisine in Sitges

Sitges offers you a wide gastronomic offer, with restaurants to suit all tastes and events. Palates, being naturally Mediterranean cuisine that has more presence. Within this, and thanks to the traditional union between gastronomy and sea in Sitges, the rice (rice with bogavante, paella, fideuá, etc.) and fresh fish dishes (from the market of Sitges or Vilanova i la Geltrú ) Are the preference of the many visitors who come to the town.

On the other hand, since Sitges is next to one of the most important regions of Europe as far as grape plantation and winemaking is concerned, the Penedés also offers excellent and varied wines and cavas to accompany each meal and dinner .

The typical gastronomy of Sitges - considered the gastronomic capital of the Garraf - is therefore an excuse to get lost in the streets of the town and to discover any of the many good restaurants that are in them.

The traditional cuisine of Sitges is based, as mentioned, on the typical Mediterranean diet based on vegetables and legumes (all cooked with olive oil), meat and fish dishes, fruit, etc. You can enjoy these typical dishes in the restaurant of the Hotel Sunway Playa Golf & Spa. Probably the two best known exponents of the typical Sitges gastronomic offer, which can be found in most restaurants in Sitges, along with other traditional dishes of Catalan cuisine, are:

It is a salad of escarole, crumbled cod and tuna, accompanied with anchovies, olives and a delicious romesco style sauce based on garlic, almonds and hazelnuts, among Other ingredients. Probably the most typical Sitges dish. It is also offered by other nearby towns, which allows the lovers of this dish to explore the region following the increasingly well-known "Xató Route".

The importance of this dish is evident in that going To take it has gradually become a small traditional party, the "xatonada", whose menu revolves around this dish.
xato sitges
It is a sweet wine handcrafted with grapes planted near the village, ideal to finish any meal, which can even be taken as a digestive. It is very typical to finish a "xatonada" with this wine. Sometimes it is sive like dessert accompanied by carquiñoles, which are hard pasties of sweet toasted bread and almonds.
malvasia sitges
These are grilled onion stems, often served on a tile or wrapped in newspaper and in rations of about 10-20 units, with a Almond-based sauce that may be similar to romesco. They are usually taken between February and March and, as with xató, eating them has already become a traditional little party, the "calçotada", in which diners wear bibs and end with the black hands of carbon. The calçotadas are usually more typical of inland counties, but can also be enjoyed in Sitges, facing the sea (for example in the restaurant Vento of the Hotel Sunway Playa Golf).
calçots sitges
>Without doubt the most typical and popular dish in Catalonia, and probably also the simplest. It is simply roasted bread, preferably grilled, on which ripe tomatoes are scraped and seasoned with salt and oil. The type of tomato that is used is smaller than one of salad, more round and very mature, and is usually cultivated throughout the Spanish Levante.
pa tomàquet sitges
More than a typical dish, it is often an accompaniment based on eggplant, onion and red pepper, all roasted to the wood fire to enhance.
escalivada sitges
Another typical dish not only of Sitges, but of all Catalonia. These are beans cooked with various types of sausage (black sausage, ham, etc.) accompanied with mushrooms and vegetables. They are usually served very hot, in clay pot and, being a consistent dish, is a dish that Is usually found in Sitges during the winter. It is a sweet pastry cream, based on egg yolk, usually covered with caramelized sugar, And served on a tray of clay. It is the most typical dish to end any popular party, such as xatonadas or calçotadas.
faves catalana sitges
Se trata de una crema pastelera dulce, a base de yema de huevo, cubierta normalmente con azúcar caramelizado, y que se sirve en una bandejita de barro. Es el plato más típico para terminar cualquier fiesta popular, como las xatonadas o las calçotadas.
crema catalana sitges