Carnival of Sitges

The Carnival of Sitges is one of the most important and beloved feasts by the Sitgetans; At least, is the most important holiday of the winter season. Everything in Sitges is full of colors, creativity, aesthetics, music, dancing ...: madness and fun all week!

On Thursday Lardero arrives at Sitges his Majesty the King Carnestoltes, personage that embodies the symbolism of the party: wildness, joy, picaresque, etc. Everything that surrounds this character is surrealistic, from his "arrival", taking possession of the control of the town, until his death and burial on Ash Wednesday, passing through his "theater" all week and his satirical presence in the window of the townhall. During the days that Her Majesty is in command, accompanied by a Queen of the Carnival of Sitges (which closes the parades and represents the beauty and glamor of the carnival), life moves to the rhythm of what marks this peculiar king, Making valid the maxim that "for Carnival, anything goes." The events with more participation are the famous streets that parade along the Paseo de la Ribera and some streets of the town: Rúa del Desenfreno takes place on Sunday night, and the Rúa del Exterminio, on Tuesday night, whose course is probably the culmination of the Carnival of Sitges. In these streets, where more than 2,500 people tend to participate, more than 50 tractors draw on as many floats adorned with various motifs, belonging to groups whose members are conveniently disguised. Many groups use many feathers in their disguises looking for a style similar to Brazilian, and others are more satirical; The common denominator is the spectacularity, the visibility, a casual style and music at full volume, which invites the viewer to participate in the party.

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