Warranty, certification

Sunway is managing its certification through AENOR, to ensure that throughout the establishment we comply with appropriate protocols to state sanitary standards.

Improved cleaning and disinfection protocols

Cleaning of surfaces in common areas: reception, lobby, corridors, bathrooms, restaurants and other common areas of the hotel are disinfected according to the protocols, products and medical frequency.

Room disinfection: we use highly effective cleaning products on all surfaces, objects and decorative items, and clinically proven protocols for washing textiles at more than 60ºC.

Restoration services adapted to the new times

To minimize risks, we have adapted some of our restaurant services, such as the Breakfast Buffet service. Meetings and events, with new presentation options that minimize any risk.

Medidas COVID - limpieza

Social Distance

Our establishments follow all protocols to allow the required social distance when interacting with others.

Safety signage: we have created special signage in all common areas of the hotels to remind everyone of the need to maintain a safe distance.

Redesign of common areas and use, we have reorganized the use and distance in our common areas and restaurants. To ensure safety.

nvolvement of our teams: to help guests apply these measures in all areas.

Medidas COVID - Distancia social

Personal protective equipment

We offer security equipment to all our guests, staff and suppliers during their stay.

Safety and disinfection equipment for guests: access to disinfectant gel, masks and gloves during your stay.

Employee protection: all hotel employees have access to the necessary equipment to carry out their work with the maximum guarantees of health.

Equipment required for suppliers: all suppliers accessing the hotel must follow the required security measures.

Medidas COVID - protección individual

Health and safety protocols for employees

For greater safety, all our personnel must comply with the health requirements to work.

Daily Assessment: Staff will undergo an assessment prior to their shifts.

Early detection protocols and action plans in the event of guest health problems, with the option of isolation, protective equipment, contact with medical services and transport logistics.

Special training of personnel: on the follow-up of protocols and security practices adapted to health regulations.

Medidas COVID - protocolos seguridad

Directorate of Sanitary Security

We have an identified health security officer who will be the leader in any adaptation of new measures and in the training of all employees. As well as in any health emergency.

Responsible for introducing and updating the necessary measures.

Train all employees on the procedures necessary to protect other employees, guests, and vendors.

Responsible for using the highest possible level of ecological responsibility in all new practices.

Medidas COVID - Coordinación


At Sunway we have always believed that people are at the center and that is why health and well-being are our priority. For both our guests and for our teams, that is why we request to our guests and staff to commit to respecting the special protocol that we create for protect ourselves.

As a company committed to all our clients and with the aim of maintaining our commitment and your peace of mind, we want to share with you some of the measures we have adopted to manage those reservations that have been affected due to this contingency.

It is important to remember that these measures will apply to reservations whose date of stay coincides with the period of force majeure or this of exception.


Reservations made through our web pages, by phone or directly at the hotel reception.

We give you to choose two options, regardless of whether the rate of your reservation is refundable or non-refundable:

Option A: you have the option to keep your reservation deposit until February 28, 2021, which must be redeemed at the same hotel where the reservation was made. How do you do it? Write a message with your reservation information to the email address

Option B: You have the option of receiving a full refund. If your reservation was made through our website, you can cancel it directly through the same email indicated above. If you booked by phone or another direct channel, you can contact us so we can assist you, just remember that the requests will be working by date of entry according to the reservation. You will receive a reply as soon as possible.

IMPORTANTE: Option B only applies during in typified cases of force majeure.


If you have a reservation made through a third party, we ask you to contact them directly so they can help you.


Our team of groups is working every day to contact all affected customers and offer them a solution. If you need urgent assistance, you can write to the hotel or directly to the person who made your confirmation of your reservation.

We hope to receive you as soon as possible!

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